The Assembly


Summary of the first half:

-The team lounges around the base for a bit before going on patrol with the dual purpose of fixing Rook’s bank account issue and finding out what’s up with a new street drug called “Primal.”

-On the way they stop a robbery at a gas station with some measure of destruction. The Big puns begin in earnest.

-They are joined by a new member named Image after about 30 minutes.

-They find Alligator Meth Dealer and beat the piss out of him and his alligators without killing them.

-Rook’s bank account thing is dealt with.

Verdict: 4, mainly for the Puns.

Summary of the second half:

-In an effort to understand Primal; Image performs experiments with Rats.

-Said experiments do not go… well.

-The team responds to police radio chatter about a gladiatorial group taking hostages at a high school football arena.

-They win and the bad guys go into custody but Rook starts leaking some sort of black liquid (I thought he was just rock or something?)

Verdict: 1, rat induced injuries are not something to make light of.


Lthalka Lthalka

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