The Assembly

HEROs #6

Misanthropy, Corned

So this issue starts off very similar to the last one. Who gives a shit if they’re depressed? Fucking punch some stuff. If I had super powers I’d be fucking stoked all the goddamn time.

Anyway, when they finally decide to DO something they track down some warehouse with the help of Rook and some new guy whose name I won’t be bothering to remember until he’s still alive in three issues.

Warehouse has the leader of Misanthropy so there’s a big showdown right? No, of course not. Couldn’t have too much super hero-ing in a super hero book. BAM – Boreas says some one liner and then the fight is basically done. Then they got my hopes up.

GIANT MOTHER FUCKING SNAKE IN THE WAREHOUSE. YES! This is the shit I’m talking about. The thing was massive, gorgeous splash page when it emerged, and it’s pretty sweet looking. Unfortunately the fight is much, much too short. But hey, I’ll take what I can get from these writers.

Verdict: 3/10, At least there was a giant snake.


Lthalka Lthalka

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