The Assembly

IN UNIVERSE NEWS: Xenological Disease Outbreak

Villains and Commander Gron may have put the world at risk

Commander Gron, former Executive Officer of the Refugee arc ship, was under special quarantine at a DARPA facility in the American Southwest. He was transferred there from Assembly custody after initial medical scans showed that something may have been altering his behavior. Over the following weeks it was discovered that a vector of some kind had remained dormant in the Refugee and was now surfacing.

Before an effective cure could be synthesized he was broken out of quarantine by several villains (a series of washed out night vision images are shown). Commander Gron and these villains, if the vector has managed to make the jump to humanity, have placed the public at risk. All citizens are urged to keep their distance and Refugees are recommended to seek immediate quarantine following any sighting as they are the most at risk.



Lthalka Lthalka

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