The Assembly

New Union #4

And We're the Bad Guys?

Preview Summary:

The Executive wants to find out how well his team deals with other supers in combat while simultaneously eliminating a minor threat. He arranges a fight with “The Protection Group,” a gang with a few minor rogues. The result is far better than expected.


I’m glad they took the time to have a somewhat comedic side story after the last couple issues (that were a little on the dark dramatic side); it gives the villains a chance to show that they’re human too. Terrible people, but still human.

Early on I could not stop laughing after reading the Executive telling the Professor “Make me a fake baby.” Wow. I mean… those words have probably never been written before. Groundbreaking stuff is happening here folks.

They formed a plan and ran into “The Protection Group.” This group… was hilariously inept and full of comic-con rejects. A little meta, but I loved it.

They definitely pulled off the PR end of the job as several of the villains noted during the fight that these “heroes” (technically they were underaged rogues) were way more aggressive than them (with the possible exception of Black Salamander).

Overall an enjoyable read, you need some room to breath so you can have nice little character growth bits like this one.

-Assembly Forever Reviews


Lthalka Lthalka

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