Commander Gron

Former XO of the Refugee Arc


Designation: Commander Gron
Alias(es): None
Real Name: Gron Rarkkar
First Public Appearance:
Age: 42
Physical Description: Tall, Muscular, Yellow fur. Canine Analogue Refugee.
Base of Operations: Unknown
Operating Range: Global


Super Strength and Toughness.

Threat Rating: C

History as a Meta Person:

Achieved meta person status during a home invasion. Killed both perpetrators in self defense. More or less remained off the grid.

In May of 2015 he was captured in relation to some sort of drug ring revolving around “Primal.” He was transferred to a secure facility.

In July of 2015 he escaped confinement.

Relevant Personal History:

He was always a bit of a lonely person. He had to make tough choices onboard the Arc to help their Captain make sure everyone made it to the nearest habitable world. On Earth he tried to keep himself out of the limelight after the initial deals were signed. He seemed to only want a quiet retirement.

At some point his behavior shifted. He is working with some sort of organization, though no one is quite sure which as even under “pressure” he did not betray whoever his comrades are.


Commander Gron

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