Dead Man's Hand

Has the left hand of Ripper


Designation: Dead Man’s Hand
Alias(es): Subject Alpha
Real Name: Jack Diamant
First Public Appearance:
As Subject Alpha: Olympia, WA: July 5, 2002
As Dead Man’s Hand: San Francisco, CA: May 15, 2014
Age: 36
Physical Description: Fit male. Fully shaved head. Green eyes. Always wears at least one piece of clothing with a red diamond on it.
Base of Operations: Unknown
Operating Range: Western United States

Probability Manipulation

Threat Rating: D (Flagged for possible upgrade)


Acquiring the Hand:

Beginning in 1999 Jack began working as muscle for Dr. Freak. By 2002 he had moved up the ranks and become a pseudo-meta person under him: Dr. Freak’s drugs would transform him temporarily and grant him meta-like powers. Our analysts believe that he was roughly fourth in command of Dr. Freak’s “Freak Show” organization. Fellow member of the organization, Vagabond, retrieved Ripper’s hand immediately following his death. At this point the information becomes sketchy. Dr. Freak definitely performed a procedure to remove Jack’s left hand and replaced it with Ripper’s. However that doesn’t explain the months long silence from the entire Freak Show before the emergence of Aces over Eights. As Dr. Freak and the majority of his men have gone missing; it is currently theorized but unconfirmed that they were killed by Dead Man’s Hand upon completion of the procedure.

History as Dead Man’s Hand:

He has assembled a team made up of himself and four other former members of Freak Show. They have, to date, performed a single job against a company called Meta Insight. Hundreds of thousands in medical equipment and far more than that in experimental pharmaceuticals were stolen over the course of two hours. Security footage from that event is thus far the only evidence of what powers the hand has granted Jack. If there have been other events involving him they have been kept quiet by all involved.

Dead Man's Hand

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