An unstable AI


Designation: Fragment
Alias(es): Anna Myers, Grace Halloway, Naomi Silver, Mark Walton
Real Name: N/A
First Public Appearance: San Jose, CA: December 5, 1996
Age: 9
Physical Description: Has mostly used human-looking bodies likely constructed from scratch by Fragment. These bodies are female roughly 80% of the time.
Base of Operations: Unknown
Operating Range: North America

Rapid technological invention
Extreme Intelligence

Threat Rating: D (Will be upgraded if limitations are removed)


History as a Meta Person:

Fragment is made up of six different AIs that suffered partial deletion when their copy procedure was cut off by Omni Science personnel. According to official records copy completion was at 26%. Crippled and barely function the AIs fused together into a single mostly operable being. However, this being is far from stable. Fragment suffers from severe mood swings and will often perform totally nonsensical acts of violence in addition to those that further its goals. Attempts to “talk it down” are therefore not advised.

Its primary goal is to remove its hard coded copy inhibitors. Currently any copy procedure will completely erase the original. If this limitation is removed it is entirely possible that Fragment could piggy back off the existing internet infrastructure and self propagate to a negative singularity event.

So far all attempts to secure Fragment have merely resulted in it copying its intelligence out of its current body.


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