A crazy person with a gladiator fetish


Designation: Nero
Alias(es): Meero (Prior label)
Real Name: Charlie Miles
First Public Appearance: 4/3/2015
Age: 30
Physical Description: Tall, muscular, dark hair
Base of Operations: None
Operating Range: Vega, CA

Super Strength, Toughness
Theory: Fanatic emotional control

Threat Rating: D

History as a Meta Person: Involved in several bank robberies after which he somehow convinced his minions to take hostages at a local high school football game. He was subdued by HEROs and taken into SWAT custody.

Current Imprisonment:
Sentence: 9 years, 10 months
He has been a model inmate and attended all scheduled counseling sessions. His progress has qualified him for clearance to exit the facility should he volunteer to aid against a Threat. He utilized this right and aided in the fight against Hydra. As a reward based on his actions he has been moved to a lower security facility and given limited outside media access.



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