Sonic Metal


(As Toki Svenson) 5’ 5", 130 lbs. Long blonde hair with blue eyes. Excitable and gregarious, Toki has the charisma of a veteran stage performer which, when paired with his good looks, makes him instantly popular with most people he meets.

(As The Skald) 6’4", 250 lbs. Long blonde hair, blue eyes and a long, braided beard. Gifted with feathered wings and armored in the style of the viking warriors of old, he wields his sacred guitar Tyrfing to bring the word of the Æsir back to the realm of Midgard in the most Metal way possible.Tyrfing.jpg


One night, aspiring metal musician Toki Svenson experienced the most Metal dream of his life. In it, he travelled across the legendary Bifröst bridge into the realm of Asgard, there to stand before the gods of his forefathers, the Æsir. As he stood, dumbstruck, the All Father Odin explained to him that Ragnarok was coming, the great Twilight of the Gods was upon them. He was chosen to be the herald of the Æsir on the plane of Midgard, their Skald, fated to witness the end times and transcribe the final tale.
But a singular hope remained, a possibility that the End may be averted. The Gods had foreseen a light in the west, and bid Toki to travel there, and find this light, and perhaps save Midgard from falling into eternal darkness.
And so, his mission given, his purpose realized, Toki was sent back to the realm of men. And when he awoke, he found beside him his instrument of war, the guitar Tyrfing, which gifts him with the powers of the Skald.
Taking up Tyrfing and selling many of his possessions, Toki bought the first plane ticket to America, to the place he knew the light dwells. Vega, California.


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