Able to transform into an alligator-human hybrid


Designation: Sobek
Alias(es): “Alligator Meth Dealer”
Real Name: Unknown
First Public Appearance: Vega, CA: March 22, 2015
Age: Mid 20s
Physical Description: Over 6 feet tall, very muscular, scaled.
Base of Operations: Vega, CA
Operating Range: Vega, CA

Transforms into an alligator-human hybrid.

Threat Rating: D


History as a Meta Person:

Had been acting primarily as muscle for Misanthropy and their drug deals. He was taken into custody by HEROs in early April 2015.

Additional Notes:

Has tried repetitively to stop people from calling him “Alligator Meth Dealer.” It is fairly easy to provoke him in this fashion should you need to.

Current Imprisonment:
Sentence: 14 years, 9 months
He has yet to show any remorse and makes no attempt to avoid substance abuse. He has consistently been placed in solitary for disruptive behavior.


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