The Antediluvian

Immortal Terrorist


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Designation: The Antediluvian
Alias(es): Leo Clark, Dennis Moore, Michael Sparks
Real Name: Unknown
First Public Appearance: Washington, DC: May 15, 1985
Age: ??? (Physically ~30)
Physical Description: Male around 30 years of age. Brown hair and eyes. Two moles on his right cheek.
Base of Operations: 65% probability somewhere near Los Angeles, CA
Operating Range: Used to operate on the eastern seaboard of the US; now operates almost entirely in the Western Region.

Slow or no aging

Threat Rating: C


History as a Meta Person:

It started with a bombing on the capitol building accompanied by thousands of flyers that said “This is for your own good.” He even publicly took credit on the air after taking over a local television station in Virginia. Since then he has participated in eight large scale bombings, always accompanied by flyers which are often part of a secondary minor explosion, and a recording of him taking credit in a straightforward manner (this last part has evolved over time from local TV station hijacking, to anonymous DVDs in the mail, to throwaway account youtube uploads).

He has not aged at all since his first appearance and this has been confirmed to not be some sort of computerized video trick; it has been confirmed in person and once even during a physical examination during one of the times he was captured.

He also has an incredible ability to escape. He has thus far escaped capture within 72 hours nineteen times.

Possible Earlier Sightings:

January 1, 1980: Times square pedestrian, appears to be heading somewhere: 99% facial recognition match
90% facial recognition match
May 25, 1977: Waiting in line at the premiere for Star Wars in Detroit, MI: 91% facial recognition match
November 22, 1963: Motion-blurred face in the crowd during the JFK assassination: 81% facial recognition match
August 19, 1953: Blurry vacation photo on a beach near Miami, FL: 77% facial recognition match
August 14, 1945: One of thousands of motion blurred faces in times square: 79% facial recognition match
July 2, 1921: Jury selection in a Philadelphia murder trial, photograph has severe wear: 70% facial recognition match
April 6, 1917: In a crowd outside the Capitol Building, looks angry: 98% facial recognition match

The Antediluvian

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