The Assembly


Summary of the first half:

-The team lounges around the base for a bit before going on patrol with the dual purpose of fixing Rook’s bank account issue and finding out what’s up with a new street drug called “Primal.”

-On the way they stop a robbery at a gas station with some measure of destruction. The Big puns begin in earnest.

-They are joined by a new member named Image after about 30 minutes.

-They find Alligator Meth Dealer and beat the piss out of him and his alligators without killing them.

-Rook’s bank account thing is dealt with.

Verdict: 4, mainly for the Puns.

Summary of the second half:

-In an effort to understand Primal; Image performs experiments with Rats.

-Said experiments do not go… well.

-The team responds to police radio chatter about a gladiatorial group taking hostages at a high school football arena.

-They win and the bad guys go into custody but Rook starts leaking some sort of black liquid (I thought he was just rock or something?)

Verdict: 1, rat induced injuries are not something to make light of.

HEROs #2
New Life

Come on; you guys couldn’t even come up with your own origin story? You had to rip off Splinter’s? Twice?

Verdict: 1/10

HEROs #3
Shark Punished

This time they really turned up the gore on what happened to Shark Punisher. Because, really, how else are people going to be able to tell it’s a mature title without turning the blood and guts up to eleven? Almost ruined it with Rook’s crying though. What’s the big fucking deal there?

Verdict: 8/10

HEROs #4
The Death of Image

Not sure how I feel about this one. On the one hand there was copious gore during Image’s death scene and the big fight was pretty bloody as well. On the other the sappy BS afterwards was cliche as hell.

Verdict: 5/10

HEROs #5
PR Issues

Why am I even continuing to read this series? Nothing but page after page of dialogue balloons.

Verdict: 1/10

HEROs #6
Misanthropy, Corned

So this issue starts off very similar to the last one. Who gives a shit if they’re depressed? Fucking punch some stuff. If I had super powers I’d be fucking stoked all the goddamn time.

Anyway, when they finally decide to DO something they track down some warehouse with the help of Rook and some new guy whose name I won’t be bothering to remember until he’s still alive in three issues.

Warehouse has the leader of Misanthropy so there’s a big showdown right? No, of course not. Couldn’t have too much super hero-ing in a super hero book. BAM – Boreas says some one liner and then the fight is basically done. Then they got my hopes up.

GIANT MOTHER FUCKING SNAKE IN THE WAREHOUSE. YES! This is the shit I’m talking about. The thing was massive, gorgeous splash page when it emerged, and it’s pretty sweet looking. Unfortunately the fight is much, much too short. But hey, I’ll take what I can get from these writers.

Verdict: 3/10, At least there was a giant snake.

HEROs #7

So I can’t follow the Primal stuff at all. Something something aliens. Something something they shouldn’t have a working ship (what?). Where is my blatant exposition? I should know this shit issues in advance of the characters, that’s how comic writing works!

Plus what the hell was up with that cocktease at the end? Really hoping we get some nice gore next issue… But I’m sure they’ll find some way to end it fast and go straight back to talking about their feelings.

Verdict: 2/10

HEROs #8

I just… goddamn. The fight was gorgeous. Page after page of intricate splash pages. But, especially considering the post battle scenes, I’m fucking done reviewing this independent rag. If you want any reviews from The Assembly; head over to my bros’ website. I’m out. #corporatecomicsforever

Verdict: 5/10, sweet battle then the usual “feelings” bs.

New Union #1
Sending a Message

Preview Summary:

The bulk of the team infiltrate a Meta Insight facility to extract a target and send a message. Meanwhile the Executive and Miss Ayumi go on an official tour to help distract security.

-The Assembly Official Solicitations


I was a bit confused that they would launch a villain title with only about a year under their belt (as they tend to sell well in the short term, then quickly die off, deservedly or not) but I’m glad to see the writers aren’t afraid of variety.

This issue runs concurrent with HEROs #9 and every other current title so I’m curious if any event bleed will occur in the near future now that multiple titles are sinking up time wise.

The issue opens with the team going over a job that the Executive is fairly obviously keeping a bit close to the chest. It’s interesting and shows off the team’s interpersonal relationship very early on.

The infiltration and extraction is both quiet and loud thanks to the well complimenting skills of the team. In the end they get away with their target, a new aircraft, and the Executive/Miss Ayumi kept their involvement secret, though I’m not sure how long that will last.

The big treat was at the end though. We’ve seen bits of Aces over Eights in other issues. Onyx Bolt showed up in HEROs #8 and Edge appeared in Pacific Wardens #1. This issue has the appearance of Vagabond and shows that not only does Aces over Eights have some sort of secret relationship with Catalyst but her power set is far more powerful than is publicly known.

Overall, an excellent start. It kept the villains relatable while also giving hints of larger things.
-Assembly Forever Reviews

New Union #2

Preview Summary:

The Executive hatches a plan to make a great deal of money and obtain experimental tech. The rest of the villains break into a Prescient Engineering building and destroy or copy everything they can find.


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