Gunsight, AZ

Gunsight initially began the climb from small railroad town between Yuma and Tucson to industrial megacity in the early 1920s when prospectors came across a massive deposit of multiple rare metals. The mining industry more or less dictated policy until the 1970s. Since then, although mining still accounts for a large portion of the local economy, many electronics/tech manufacturers have built factories and offices near the source of the metals that allow them to make the devices required for an increasingly digital lifestyle. These companies are the new local political powerhouses.

The Reservation: Just south of the Firing Pin begins the Reservation. It is federal/tribal land, so state laws do not apply here. The Reservation has made a large amount of money in the past decades by opening stores (that are not subject to sales tax) and three large casinos along the border with the Firing Pin. However, overall the economy is still middling at best.

Firing Pin: This area is the primary high end housing district of the city. It runs in roughly a semi-circle shape along the southern edge of the interstate for the horizontal length of the city. This is where the middle to upper class live and mingle. This is also where the majority of the tech workers live.

Downtown: Running along the northern edge of the interstate for the horizontal length of the city this is where you will find government buildings, business high rises, tech complexes, and opulent penthouse suites. This is where the make or break business deals are made in the city. It is also where the majority of management/extreme upper class from both the mining and tech industry live.

Industrial District: Just north of Downtown this is the home of factories, warehouses, and the occasional testing facility: this is the heart of the tech industry in the area. Whether it’s a new model of cell phone, a wrist sized laptop, high grade pharmaceuticals, or military grade hardware: it is produced here.

Mining Operations: In the small mountain range running north the Industrial District to just short of the Gila River there are mountains and hills brimming with precious metals. The mining companies hold massive swaths of private land here and what few areas remain unclaimed are sure to be swallowed up by the implacable appetite of the 21st century.

Riverside: North of the mining concerns and running several miles along the south bank of the Gila River is Riverside. Formerly a company housing area from the early days of the city; the area is now full of low cost housing primarily for mine workers but also made up of the less affluent members of the city.

Gunsight, AZ

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