Omni Science LLC

Omni Science LLC was a massive conglomerate that produced, researched, and tested just about anything one could think of through its various subsidiaries and divisions. Following it’s many, many shortfalls (please see the timeline for more details) it was dissolved after years of legal battles. However, many of its subsidiaries managed to spin off into their own companies. Whether they continue to operate together or have truly become their own entities is a matter of debate in certain circles.

Former Omni Science LLC Divisions/Subsidiaries:

Meta Insight
Formerly: Omni Science Bio-Pharmaceuticals

-Nullifier Shackles/Cells: Meta Insight discovered that all people currently manifesting powers have constant low levels of Delta brainwave patterns (which is strange in individuals that are not sleeping). Detecting and transmitting similar waves to cancel out/crash the meta person’s natural waves results in cutting off their powers. Unfortunately the only technologies capable of taking advantage of this were shackles and extremely small one person cells; direct contact with the meta person’s skin (or within a few centimeters of their bioelectric field) provides direct access to the peripheral nervous system. Development of a ranged nullification device will have to utilize a separate technology as even the single person cells are stretching the technology to its bleeding edge.

Prescient Engineering
Formerly: Military Contract Division

-Automated Meta Stopper: Picking up where Omniscience left off, Prescient has continued to produce, refine, and develop automated systems designed to aid in defense against meta human enemies for use by law enforcement and the military.

United Exploration
Formerly: Aerospace Division

-Repulsorlift Craft Technologies: Though other companies have begun getting into the field; UE was the first to develop craft using micro kinetic pulses to remain aloft. Such technology is restricted to atmospheric flight as their is very little to push off of in space.

Formerly: Media Division

A massive multimedia conglomerate that now owns anything from major cable television networks to niche blog sites.

Omni Science LLC

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