Vega, CA

Vega did not come to be organically. Originally a small town that faded from existence in the early 1920s; it was brought back to life in the mid-80s when The Assembly was looking for a location to build their second american headquarters for the west coast. Ultimately Vega was chosen for its proximity to Silicon Valley and a large amount of open land that could be easily developed.

The original city, now referred to as Uptown, completed construction in 1988 although the buildings necessary for the Assembly’s operations had been completed in 1986. The rest of the city expanded throughout the 1990s and early 2000s; providing a cheap alternative for both residential and business properties with close proximity to the bay area. However much of the local economy was heavily involved in real estate and so the recession that began in 2008 hit the area especially hard. Uptown has since recovered, but the other areas are still not back up to their former income levels.

Uptown: Making up the northernmost portion of Vega, this area is the most well off and has very low crime rates. There are also high speed train routes to and from both San Francisco and San Jose.

  • Western Region Assembly HQ: A series of fairly small buildings interconnected via underground passageways roughly one block from the Capitol Plaza. The “main” building is a very nice looking three story office building while the others are built more like bunkers. One of these acts as a temporary jail for meta persons.
  • Vega Capitol Plaza: A full city block containing all of the city’s primary buildings including city hall, the city courthouse, Vega Police Department HQ, and the city jail.

Docks: The western end of Vega primarily made up of boating facilities, warehouses, restaurants, and businesses that service the fishing industry. The last several seasons have been very poor for the local fishermen and so the area has been suffering worse economically than any other part of Vega aside from Midtown.

Midtown: The central and eastern region of Vega has the highest crime rates in the city and the lowest average income. This is where many construction workers/companies were based before work dried up. It is currently made up of a mix of businesses barely staying afloat, rundown apartments/housing, empty offices, and half-complete buildings. There are islands of affluence but these often become targets for the criminal elements of the city.

South End: The South End is a mix of two things; the suburbs that have begun spreading Vega further down the coast and the mining facilities that have been operating in the area since before Vega was refounded. After Uptown, the South End is the second most prosperous mainly due to the housing industry having little effect on the demand for ore. However there are still many suburban homes sitting empty with no buyers in sight.

Vega, CA

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