Doctor Rochfort

The giant upon whose shoulders you stand


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Real Name: Doctor Silas Rochfort
First Public Appearance:
Age: Irrelevant. I’ll be just as dangerous at 98 as I am now.
Physical Description: 5’ 7" 115lbs Black Hair, Black Eyes, Devestatingly Handsome.
Base of Operations: Personally I enjoy South America. It’s almost childishly easy to bribe, blackmail or just plain murder anyone that might get in my way. However, the boss likes Arizona (For some reason) so here I am. Baking.
Operating Range: Wherever I damn well please.
Marital Status: Single…ladies
Powers: Technically? I can replicate any number of abilities given time and available materials. Once I injected myself with nanomachines of my own design, enhancing my already considerable intellect and granting me the ability to communicate telepathically with others, as well as the ability to control the minds of others.

Threat Rating: B. For now. Haven’t had a reason to use my earthquake device yet.


History as a Meta Person:

Relevant Personal History:

Doctor Rochfort

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